Everyday Chic


‘Everyday Chic’, the marriage of timeless design and daily comfortable use is the theme of the brand. Each piece is the reflection of our philosophy for contemporary, uniquely refined style, adding new interpretation to authentic ideas of jewelry, using nature’s finest pearls and diamonds. All items have intentionally been designed to be layered; therefore the individual’s collection of pieces can be the reflection of the owner’s history of style and way of life.



Our design is a synergy between timeless and comfortably wearable forms. Adding a fresh twist to authentic items such as pearls and diamonds, creating a comfortable and new contemporary style.



Our signature style is to submerge pearls and metals into clear resin, creating a harmonious collaboration of elements. Selecting resin for its simple functionality, effortless comfort and practical form allows for everyday wear ability. The “Everyday Chic” collections are achieved by the combination of contemporary design, renowned Japanese consideration to detail and craftsmanship.



Most of the items in our collections are designed to be layered, allowing for the owner to playfully create their own style and build personal collections over time. Selected jewelry at each special occasion will tell the story of the wearer. The history and style of the owner can be expressed with the collective layering of pieces, allowing for variety that will compliment all chapters of a luxurious life.